Danny Fun Visit to the Doctors Office

Today was a first! being in radio for 30 + years I can honestly say I get to meet a lot of fun people at various shows in town, I run into people on vacation in Hawaii, Mexico, Las Vegas, and Nashville. But Today thru me for a loop, because I have another set of Kidney Stones not just one but two a 3mm and a 5mm. See Kidney stones run in our family, my father, brother and I have all had them and they are not fun, anybody who has had them can tell you a story or two.

Today as I made my way to my doctor’s office to make a plan of attack to get rid of my kidney stones I was greeted by one of our Bull Nation Family Members, Kaitlyn who happens to be a nursing assistant who listens to the Bull 24/7 she was there to take my blood pressure and make sure my heart is ticking the way it should be.  Now the funny part of this I never expected to run into  a family member  so At first, I was a little in shock and like Oh Boy.. , lets take it another step as I wrapped up with my doctor , I had made my way to the Lab for some bloodwork and there I manage to meet Another Bull Nation Family member and I had to laugh to myself.  All three assured me that I’m healthy and they will make sure to keep me laughing while I’m in pain.

So this leads me to this fun question

Have you ever bumped into someone unexpectedly and freaked out

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