This dumpster fire of a year has made us deal with so much, The way we work, the way we learn, the way we deal with change and we can all agree we lost too many people this year  because of the pandemic, we have lost love ones, friends and acquaintances and let’s all admit  we have lost too many of our favorite celebrities from music to sports and great leaders

this is a small list of people that have been taken way too soon, Kobe, Eddie Van Halen, Charlie Pride, Kevin Greene, Chad Wick Boseman, RBG, Alex Trebek.

Looking back over the year, there were somethings that made me happy, made me sad, made me Angry, and made me laugh

Here are the top 5 things in 2020 That come to mind

5. Made me Laugh – The FLY that landed on Mike Pence during the VP debates, That fly got its 15 minutes of fame

4. Made Me Sad – Feb, The world stopped and was shocked by the passing Of Kobe Bryant from a helicopter crash

3. Made me Angry – The Riots and protest in PDX and watching that beautiful Elk Statue get destroyed and burned down

2. Made Me Happy – Dolly Parton’s $1.37 Million Dollar Donation to Vanderbilt University to Fund the Moderna Covid 19 Vaccine- THANK YOU Dolly you really an angel

1.Made Me Grateful – YOU for sticking with me after my nasty July 4th accident, when I broke 11 of 12 ribs, my collarbone, punctured my lung, and ended up in the trauma center for 9 days. I’m grateful for all your prayers, virtual hugs, and well wishes to help me heal and get back in action.

I hope 2020 has helped you find some good as well. Now it’s time to say goodbye to 2020, and hello to 2021.

Cheers to seeing concerts, movies, date nights, and just hanging out with friends

Happy New Year ~ Danny

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