Dealing with Chest Pain ? pay attention to these symptoms.

If you’re dealing with anxiety these days,  just now you are not alone, luke Combs, Kelsea Ballerini, and I Myself have all been dealing with some sort of issues and want to escape this pandemic.

If you feel like your chest is beating extra hard these days, Here are some key signs to pay attention too and if you feel serious chest pressure call your doctor.  Chest pain shouldn’t be simply brushed off. Here’s what you should absolutely address with a doctor:

  1. A feeling like someone is sitting on your chest.
  2. Sharp pain when you take a breath or lie down on your side.
  3. Pain if you push down on the area.
  4. Intense pain when taking a deep breath or in your shoulder
  5. Burning in or near your chest.
  6. Pain that has intensified over a period of time or hurts even when you’re resting.

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