A woman in her 20’s is divorcing her husband because he forgot her burger. Hubby was hanging with his friends and when he arrived home at 3am an argument ensued because he forgot her burger! This is what Khaleej Times is reporting, but I have to say there’s probably more to the story. Was it the burger order or was it her last straw? Sure drawing the line at a burger is still silly but we don’t know much leading up to this.

The article states that couples need to not have unrealistic expectations in marriage. I can get behind that but we don’t know that this is necessarily the case. I do believe a lot of people have these fairy tale ideas and can be shook when their prince charming is a burping, farting no turning his clothes right side out slob! Prince charming’s princess can end up being a stinky footed, 30 pounds heavier, snoring sweat-pant wearing loud eater?! These are not reasons for divorce by any means but what I’m trying to get at here is that we all grow in marriages and sometimes there’s a growing stage that enjoys sweatpants.

Here’s some shocking news, I’m one of a bazillion people who have gone through a divorce. The divorce was looming but the final straw for me was receiving a card with a penny taped on the inside. He told me, don’t spend it all in one place. It was my down payment for the attorney to begin proceedings. The penny wasn’t the reason why I got a divorce it just made it easier to make that decision I had floating around in my head for a while. I won’t be surprised to find out her burger is my penny.

What was the final silly straw that led to your breakup?

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