Did You Make 6,709 Spur-of-the-Moment Decisions Last Year

Do you consider yourself to be a spontaneous person? I know I am!  in fact, one weekend I just decide to buy a ticket to Hawaii and spent 10 days there. Now let me also tell you that was awesome and the craziest split-second decision I’ve ever made.

According to a new study, almost ALL of us are. The average American makes 6,709 spur-of-the-moment decisions a year, or about 18 a day.

Most of them have to do with small things, like where to have lunch or what to watch on TV.  Here are four quick stats from that research . . .

1. Over 80% of us think we’re a “spontaneous person” to some degree.

2. People who DO think they’re spontaneous were 40% more likely to say they’re also a “happy person.” And 38% more likely to feel content with their life.

3. 72% of people said they usually feel happier after they do something spontaneous.

4. Over half of us have gone on a last-minute trip in the past five years. And almost all of those people said it made them happier.

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