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Do You Agree With Oregon and Washington’s Most Popular Thanksgiving Dish?

Every state has there own ‘it’ dish for the Thanksgiving holiday and I 100% agree with what’s been determined for Oregon.

Mashed potatoes. 

Is there honestly a better dish? Yes… Green bean casserole is tasty and the meat of choice is well and fine but let’s all be real here – it isn’t Thanksgiving without mashed potatoes! It is the mayo to the sandwich that is a Thanksgiving sandwich. And add gravy? Oh, Lord… GIVE IT TO ME!

As for sweet treats… The dessert?

Pumpkin pie. 

Well, duh. What else is there? Add an entire can of whipped cream and BAM! Happy Thanksgiving!

Do you agree? Mashed potatoes #1?

Are you in Washington? If so… Team up with someone from Oregon for dinner because the favorite up North is turkey gravy. You can’t do mashed potatoes and not have the turkey gravy!



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