Do You Believe Your Dreams?

You one of those folks who believe in their dreams?  Do you believe they’re telling you something?  That it’s your subconscious mind trying to convey some message to you through constructed images and half-baked ideas?

I don’t buy all that.  Not for a minute.  I think dreams are just your brain…  having a little fun.  Screwing around.  Sorting your thoughts into interesting little movies just for something to do.  Because your sub-conscious is supposed to be this all-powerful computer that can remember things with amazing clarity and read at high-speeds and protect you from danger.  So why does it need to do interpretive dance to pass messages along to you?  It could just as easily hand you a clipboard with all the things on it, and save you the time.

The answer?  It’s NOT trying to pass you messages.  It’s just unloading all your RAM, and that comes out as you riding a rollercoaster with your girlfriend and her boyfriend and his Mom.  It’s hooey.

Unless I’m wrong.  Which has been known to happen.  LOL

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull

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