Ok, so who doesn’t love a cute little bunny rabbit, two or three are adorable right,  but a few hundred is a different story. If you’re headed to Cannon Beach this weekend to enjoy the beautiful Oregon coast, Heads up!  take all the pictures you want but don’t feed the wildlife

On Tuesday night, the city council passed an ordinance prohibiting people from feeding wildlife. That includes all wild animals, not just rabbits. They hope it decreases the animals’ attraction to the area and teaches the public why it’s not healthy to feed them.  The ordinance would classify attracting or feeding wildlife as a public nuisance, a misdemeanor with a maximum fine of $500.

Locals in the area have observed the number of rabbits in Cannon Beach and say they have increased exponentially over the last few years.

Tidbit: Did you know A female rabbit can have babies when it’s just 6-months old. Gestation is only a month-long and there are up to 14 babies in a litter. Rabbits can get pregnant again, almost right after giving birth.

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