We all love getting an invite to a wedding, after all, it’s a special moment for a family member, a friends kid, or a friend from the past. So be gracious and courteous.

This past weekend a good friend of mine attended Chuck Wicks Wedding and had a blast and she knew when she could snap the perfect photo and not ruin it for the Bride & Groom.

But some people get a let crazy and want that perfect shot, WELL it might be perfect in your eyes but to the Photographer?  you may have just ruined it all for your Friend.

A wedding photographer was doing their job; capturing the moments of a wedding day. As the bride was coming down the aisle with her father, the photographer was positioned for the perfect shot when out of nowhere a guest’s arm enters the picture frame. The guest was trying to get their own shot of the bride and her father using their phone.

The photographer posted the photo with the arm in the way on Facebook and wrote, to the girl with the iPhone, not only did you ruin my shot, but you took this moment away from the groom, father of the bride and the bride. What exactly do you plan on doing with that photo? Are you going to save it? Look at it every day? No. But my bride would have. Fortunately, The photographer was able to get another shot-unobstructed. for the happy new bride and groom.

So if you plan on attending weddings this summer be respectful and make sure to check with the Bride & Groom first before you  throw out your image on your socials


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