What is your daily routine, Wake Up, Shower, Grab a bite to eat and a Cup of joe for the road?  Well, good news if that is the case. Turns out coffee and alcohol drinkers, people who drink both may live longer.  In a study of people over the age of 90, it was found that drinking two cups of coffee could decrease premature death by 10 percent.

Even better, two servings of alcohol a day could decrease premature death by 18 percent, the 90+ Study looked at the lifestyle and health of over 1,600 90-year-olds to determine what helped them achieve a longer life. The study found that people that were slightly overweight in their 70s had a greater chance of living past 90, exercise and having a hobby also improved the chances at living longer from 11 to 21 percent, respectively.

My future looks like I’m doing ok, after all, nothing like a cup of coffee on the weekend at the lake mixed with a little Bailey Irish Cream & Kahlua


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