Drive-Thru Chipotle? #PanicAttack

OMG, I can’t even process the thought of trying to do Chipotle through a drive-thru speaker.

I hate going into a Chipotle enough as it is.  I feel more panicky in the line at Chipotle than I EVER feel.  The questions are coming SO fast, and there are people in front of me and people in back of me, and everybody is hungry, and for some reason, everybody knows that they’re doing but me.

“What kind of meat?”  Dammit.  What do you have?  Isn’t there some barbecue-sounding thing?  #PanicAttack
“Black or pinto?”  Sh**.  Which one is the black one?  #PanicAttack
“What kind of rice?”  F***.  Are there different types of rice?  #PanicAttack

I hate it.  I HATE it.

So you can forget it with the drive-thru option.  It’s bad enough when I can see the options.  Hearing it muddled through a speaker?  There’s NO.  WAY.  I’M.  EVER.  DOING.  THAT.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull



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