Eat Tasty Bugs For a Better Tomorrow!

The United Nations recently released a publication with hopes that eating bugs becomes more accepted. Edible insects: future prospects for food and feed security offers many ideas on harvesting insects to feed us as well as farm animals! At this point there are more than 7 billion people on this earth. People like to have babies, so this number is going to go up. If we’re going to eat bugs to keep our bellies full, we’ll need to know which ones taste good and which ones will be good for us and our livestock.

I discovered that there are bugs that won’t kill me and may actually taste…decent. With over 1,900 edible bugs, it’s not that hard to imagine that eight are okay. There are apple flavored stinkbugs, spicy worms are a thing, plus insects provide protein and vitamins that our bodies can use to make us strong and healthy! Personally, I think a cupcake with an apple flavored beetle on top could be interesting. Eating bugs is an odd thing to think about, especially if you’ve never done it. I’ve only eaten a bug accidentally, while riding my bike as a youth, and I almost died. Mostly because I freaked out and immediately crashed on the dirt road. Get this, I lived! I also learned to keep your mouth shut while riding.

Here are some bugs to consider:

  1. Stinkbugs: If you can get past the stink they add an apple flavor to sauces and give you the supplement iodine.
  2. Butterflies & Moths: yuuuuum larvae! You don’t want eat these suckers when they have wings you want to catch them when they’re vulnerable and in a pupa state. They offer great nutrition for pregnant women and for the kids. You can find the fleshy agave worm, before they turn into butterflies, at the bottom of a bottle of Mescal! Ariba! Ariba! Andale!
  3. Bees and wasps: They deserve to die just for being ugly. It seems that it’s best to eat when they’re young in their pupa and larval stages. Bees in this stage taste like peanuts or almonds, but squishy, and wasps have a nutty-pine flavor, but also squishy.
  4. Beetles: Native Americans aka the original Americans ate lots of bugs, because they were abundant. Beetles were roasted and eaten like popcorn while binge watching Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman. Obviously kidding they didn’t like that show.
  5. Ants: They pack more protein than eggs pound for pound. Who eats a pound of ants? Well who eats a pound of eggs!? Okay how about 100 grams of red ants, that’s easier to digest (pun intended). One serving, is low in carbs, packs 14 grams of protein, plus you’ll be ingesting iron, calcium and vitamin A..ntennae. Paleo anyone?
  6. Crickets, Locusts and Crickets oh My!: They’re the most eaten bugs for a reason! Tons of protein and no flavor. Plus they devastate our crops so we better eat them first! They take on whatever flavor you add to them so I recommend adding cumin and spices, wrap it in a corn tortilla and add Cholula.

We love meat and as our population goes up so will our need for said meat. Eating insects is a supplemental idea for us humans and we can use it as a feed supplement for our livestock too. They can’t even complain about it! I’ve seen cows trying to lick paint off freshly painted posts, albeit cute ’twas dumb…add bugs to their stupid diet.



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