Eventually, I Guess COVID Gets Us All

From the start of this whole thing, I really wanted to avoid it.  I didn’t wanna get the bug.  From Day One, I did as was recommended by every expert there is…  I stayed away from people and I wore my mask.  That’s really all they asked for, and I jumped in with both feet, because I, like many others, thought that was the best thing for me and for my community.

I watched the numbers, and I started to do the risk analysis.  Once I got my vaxx and my booster?  And the cases dropped down to beyond-emergency levels?  I figured it was OK to start being around people again.  And so I did.  Slowly at first…  restaurants and such.  Then bigger and bigger events.  And this past Friday, I attended Eric Church.  I didn’t wear a mask, and I’d say 90% of people were with me.  It was nice to see faces again!

Except, I think one of those faces gave me COVID.  Bummer.

It started off with a sore throat, which I know to be an occasional symptom of COVID.  So I tested myself, and it came up negative.  Sore throats are very common for me, so I figured it was an allergy thing or an irritation thing.  But last night, I tested again, and it was unmistakably positive.  So I took another.  Positive again.  I have COVID-19.

Mostly…  I wanted to avoid it.  It’s a bummer being sick, but mostly, I didn’t want to be responsible for spreading this thing any further.  Many of us tried, but I think we can agree that America did a pretty poor job of containing this thing, for a million reasons, but most notably…  we’re Americans and you just can’t tell us what to do.  We don’t take well to it, and when they tried, a good chunk of us decided it was too much to ask, and rebelled.  It is what it is.  It’s America, and rebelliousness is part of our make-up.  Whatever.  We’re a great country, but we ain’t perfect.

But I did (and still do) want to do my part to protect my neighbors from this bug.  And so, I find myself in my shed…  hiding from everybody for a few days.  Will I feel pretty cooped up?  Yes, I damn sure will.  But at least I hope I can get through it and say that this particular copy of the virus ain’t gonna see any more hosts.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull

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