Where did you grow up, well what I really mean is what street did you grow up on? or Was it a Street?  maybe a Blvd, ok so what’s the difference.

Ever wondered why some roads are called “roads,” while others are “streets” and some are even fancier “avenues” and “boulevards?” Lifehacker’s here to help with a handy glossary:

         Road: Can be anything that connects two points. The most basic of the naming conventions.
         Way: A small side street off a road.
         Street: A public way that has buildings on both sides of it. They run perpendicular to avenues.
         Avenue: Also a public way that has buildings or trees on either side of it. They run perpendicular to streets.
         Boulevard: A very wide city street that has trees and vegetation on both sides of it. There’s also usually a median in the middle of boulevards.
         Lane: A narrow road often found in a rural area. Basically, the opposite of a boulevard.
         Drive: A long, winding road that has its route shaped by its environment, like a nearby lake or mountain.
         Terrace: A street that follows the top of a slope.
         Place: A road or street that has no throughway—or leads to a dead end.
         Court: A road or street that ends in a circle or loop.


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