Time to lend a hand and help clean up the Fall leaves

Beautiful seasonal abstract autumn background with copyspace and falling leaves

I love fall, I love the colors, the smell, cool brisk morning but the one thing I can’t Stand is the LEAVES. I have a neighbor that is lazy as hell and never rakes or cleans up his leaves and it drives me crazy. This weekend Mother nature is throwing us some sunshine so it’s a great time to put the kids to work and get out and rake or even blow them in to a pile.  In fact, Portland’s Leaf Day began today for many neighborhoods, and this year the city announced a big change to the annual street-cleaning.

It’s FREE.

The Portland Bureau of Transportation says it will no longer require fees to clean up the leaves. Since 2010, the city said it would charge residents from $15 to $65 to sweep up the leaves in 52 districts across the city every fall. So get out Rake, Sweep or blow those leaves and help clean up the neighborhood



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