FDA issues Harmful Flea Treatment Warning

Fleas are such a nuisance for your home and especially for your pets.

I felt like a bad mom because by the time I realized my little Winston and Bogo had fleas, they were out of control. I almost cried bathing Winston as I saw the little buggers, they were huge! I got the monthly Hartz Ultra Guard drops for both the cat and dog, got the carpet dust, the furniture spray plus the cat duster and dog wash. I noticed however that when I used the drops my dog seemed exhausted and generally unhappy. Luckily it passed and I used less drops the next time. The process of wrestling them down weekly for dusting and baths along with the monthly drops and household keep up was tedious but it worked and our house was flea free.

FDA warning

I was fortunate with treatment for my furry pals but the FDA is warning pet owners that certain flea and tick treatments can potentially cause seizures in dogs and cats. The warning concerns products made with isoxazoline, which is sold under brand names like Bravecto, Nexgard, Credelio, and Simparica.  Researchers say these products can cause seizures, muscle tremors, and other adverse effects in some pets.

The FDA wants manufacturers to change their labels to include better information for pet owners.   If your pet shows any ill effects from flea or tick treatments, contact your veterinarian.


How do your pets react to a trip to the vet?

Are they good or is it a nightmare?



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