In the last year, I have learned some new skills, while being in quarantine. How to play guitar,  Yes I’m still Learning hahaha, How to Cook better meals and YES I’m still learning the in’s and outs of seasonings, a good Pork Rub, and the perfect Crock Pot Recipe.

I wanted to share a few things I’ve learned by watching videos and the Food Network.  Someone recently asked professional chefs for the top cooking mistakes we at-home chefs are making.  Does cereal count as cooking?

Here are the highlights . . .

1.  Don’t use dull knives.  You’re actually more likely to cut yourself.  So sharpen those babies up . . . and then be careful.

2.  Stop cutting your vegetables unevenly.  If you take the time to cut them evenly, they’ll cook more evenly.

3.  Don’t leave a huge mess of pots and pans.  Knock out some of those dishes during prep, so it’s not so overwhelming at the end.

4.  Taste everything as you go, and adjust if something doesn’t taste right.  That way there’s still time to fix it.

5.  Stop constantly checking your food in the oven.  Opening the door lets heat fly out, and your oven has to preheat again.

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