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Jenn’s quarantine photo book: How it started and how it’s going

Judging by the memories being served up to me on social media, I would say we are almost at the one year mark since experts told us we’ve got a pandemic on our hands and then we all stayed home and didn’t even want to go to the grocery store because we didn’t really know what was going on.

I don’t know about you but that one year has both FLOWN by and yet there are days that have been so long they could have been years lol

I had the joy of being pregnant while being in a pandemic and there were honestly pros and cons. The pros are obviosuly that I couldn’t get out and do stuff so I was able to relax a little more although I also have a toddler so, eh, scratch that, there was no relaxing! The obviously cons were not seeing family for a while and having to go to baby appointments alone. What a complete difference from when I was pregnant with Bridger Bo – who by the way will be three in May. Yes, THREE!

There were a lot of things that I had hoped to get around to while the world was moving a little slower and yet I did none of them. Truth be told, my anxiety was in high gear and I had days of really bad depression. Surviving the last year is actually the only thing that I was focused on. Seems a little extreme, I know, because some folks seemed to sail through the last year, I however am I people person so I get my energy and fill from YOU! Seeing you at concerts, events, fundraisers, 5k’s and station remotes… Those are the things that radio so fun so stripping everything down for a year was rough.

I thought I would share a year in photos (don’t worry, not all of them lol) but just enough to show you how life really went in the Hays household since last March.

I hope that your year has been one of growth and if not, if you were just surviving like me, I understand that, too. I’m glad that the light at the end of this Covid tunnel is here and I am looking more forward to seeing you at a concert than you know!

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