Portland City Council has voted to gradually phase out the use of all gas-powered leaf blowers by 2028.

Gas-powered leaf blowers have been identified as sources of air and noise pollution, posing risks to the health of individuals nearby, according to City Commissioner Carmen Rubio. The ban encompasses both public and private properties.

While some landscaping professionals express concerns about the affordability of electric leaf blowers compared to gas-powered ones, they also raise apprehensions about the ban’s potential impact on lower-income workers, particularly those from marginalized communities.

To mitigate the financial burden on small landscaping businesses, Portland plans to introduce new incentives. The phased approach will see a prohibition on the use of gas-powered leaf blowers by 2026, with exceptions during the fall and winter seasons. By 2028, the ban will be fully enforced. Violators of the policy could face fines of up to $1,000.

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