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Get Into Gear and start shipping your holiday packages

With Christmas being just a few months away, It’s totally understandable considering the circumstances with EVERYTHING we have been challenged with this year. So if you plan on kinda dogging it for Christmas by spending less, then buy gift cards at the last minute, call it a year.

But there are some people out there who are planning on overachieving in 2020

According to a new poll, of the people who plan on buying gifts this year, 23% have already started their holiday shopping, and another 10% are going to start sometime this month.

On the other side of things, 4% will wait until mid-December, and 1% will wait until the week of Christmas.

The poll also found 9% of people buying gifts will spend more this year . . . 49% will spend the same . . . and 33% will spend less.


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