Get Ready for a Christmas Miracle

Despite its general dumpster-fire 2020 has provided us this year we have been given a few cool moments. The heavens gave us a literal bright spot on Halloween with a rare blue moon, and now they’re one-upping themselves in a HUGE way. We’re about to see the first Christmas Star in nearly 800 years.

A Christmas star happens when Jupiter and Saturn align so closely in the last week of December that they create a radiant point of light for those of us looking up from Earth.

Mercy gracious, don’t we all need a radiant point of light right now? I know I do.

This alignment between these two planets occurs about every 20 years, so they are rare, but alignment this close, providing astronomical eye candy of these proportions, hasn’t happened since the middle ages, last occurring March 4, 1226.

The Christmas Star will be most visible on December 21st, about 45 minutes after sunset in the southwest sky. But it will be with us the entire fourth week of December.

I can’t help but wonder if God arranged this celestial celebration just to remind us of His hand on our lives just when we needed it the most.  So let’s all pray mother nature provides us with clear skies so we can say good bye to 2020.


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