Have you noticed it? we all seem to be so busy and land in shock when something tragic happens and it stops us in our tracks. The sudden passing of Luke Perry from a stroke, Alex Trebek Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer, Lindsey Ell Skin Cancer, and yours truly now dealing with the same thing Skin Cancer.  Young or Old it does not matter, we are all affected in some way.

I recently was diagnosed with Pre cancers cells on my bald beautiful head and on my back as well, and I have to admit it’s scary. Like Lindsey Ell, we both did our yearly checkups and our doctors saw something that raised a flag. Lindsey ended up having a quick local surgery to remove what she had and is back on the road rocking out and performing in Europe.

I myself is currently going thru the pre-cancerous cell chemo treatment and schedule for surgery in May to get rid of what could turn into something way worse.  let’s be clear I don’t have a stage of cancer but as a huge advocate for The American Cancer Society, St Jude Children’s Hospital, This is my plea to remind you to see your doctor and get that yearly check-up.

Like Lindsey sad in her Instagram post

I don’t have cancer, but the doctor found pre-cancerous cells growing in my body that needs to be removed. Sometimes we think we’re fine. Sometimes we think we eat healthy and workout, and that means we should be fine. But never underestimate the power of a check up at the doctor. You never know, and if you catch something early enough, it could save your life.

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