As someone who LOVES extreme sports, mainly snowboarding and riding dirtbikes, there’s no argument that the number of women who participate in these sports is pretty low. For obvious reasons, it’s dangerous! But lately with my media I have been getting a lot of women reaching out to me wondering HOW they can be a part of something like this, but without the intimidation.

Girl.. you can do ANYTHING. That’s the mindset that needs to be in priority. No excuses. We, as women, have to remember that sometimes we don’t always have the physical capabilities that men do when it comes to extreme sports like riding dirt bikes or learning how to snowboard. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible and definitely do NOT let it hold you back. One of the many great things about living in the PNW is the access we have to some of the best outdoor sports and connections around! From all girls groups to clinics, there are tons of ways to get in to learning something new. Don’t feel ashamed, because everyone had to start somewhere.

About a year ago I was told that I wouldn’t (and shouldn’t) race motocross. Luckily my mind took it as a challenge, but for a lot of other women it’s very easy to take it as defeat and being put down. I picked up my first dirt bike about 2 months ago, and now I’m riding areas and tracks I never thought would be in my range. If you want to do it, DO IT. Because you can do ANYTHING that you want to, no matter what. And WE, not just you, will make it happen. Community is everything, support is everything and bringing each other up is what I love!

If you’ve always wanted to try one of these sports, let’s get you set up. I promise you that even just trying something new will set your determination levels high for experiencing new things. Whether it’s one of these sports like I do, or something completely new and out of the ordinary for you, take the chance. We only live this life once, so make a bucket list and let’s get to it!

– Taylor

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