Go Ahead Take A Nap

There’s just something that feels so good about taking a midday nap in the car, in the break room, or even outdoors in a hammock, But today especially because it’s National Napping Day.

According to sleep specialists, taking a nap can actually improve your health. Here are some reasons why catching some midday zzz’s is good for you.

    • It can Recharge your brain’s batteries – a short power nap can reset your brain and make you more alert for the second part of your day.
    • It Could lower your risk for heart problems
    • It might even help you get into shape – a study found that sleep-deprived people are more likely to overeat sugar and fatty foods. So taking a short nap will help increase the amount of sleep you’re getting and take away the urge for unhealthy foods.
    • Boost your creativity – Researchers say that taking a nap can boost the right side of your brain, which is the creative side.
    • Daylight Savings Time – This is the actual reason for National Napping Day since losing an hour of sleep this past weekend. We all might be dragging a little bit for the first few days after springing forward.


So take in a quick 45 minute cat nap on the couch if your working from home and get rejuvenated

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