Guys Won’t See a Doctor . . . Until

The average guy could have a big hole in his foot and still not see a doctor about it, and I’ll admit I’m one of those guys Yup Me.

A recent survey from medical insurance companies did a survey with male customers and 56% of men say the #1 thing that can get them to go to the doctor is an important WOMAN in their life telling them they should . . . including their wife, girlfriend, or mom.

Here is a list of the top reasons, Guys won’t go to see their doctor and funny over half of them surveyed said one of these four excuses factors in . . .

1.  It makes them feel like a wimp.

2.  They’re too busy.

3.  It’ll probably heal on its own.

4.  It’s easier to go to the E.R. if it gets worse.




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