Still looking to do some last-minute Halloween decorating? Here are some easy ways to whip up some spooky stuff from the dollar store! (Check this link for more.)

  • Hot-glue ping-pong balls to a foam or wire wreath, then stick googly eyes on the balls to make a spooky door hanging.
  • Tape tissue paper to white balloons–instant ghost! You can also draw faces on them with Sharpies.
  • You can also Sharpie ghost faces onto empty plastic milk jugs, then light them from within using cheap LED lights.
  • A black trash bag easily transforms into a giant spider web when you fold it and cut it just like you would a paper snowflake.
  • Cut zombie arms out of black poster or form core board and tape them to your staircase bannister.
  • Print out scary, black-and-white images from simple computer paper and Mod Podge them onto candles.
  • Get some small, cheap spider rings and other spooky plastic doodads and stuff them inside hand-soap containers to scare guests at the sink.
  • Buy a bunch of white candles and one red candle, then melt the red candle onto the white ones for a “bloody” look.
  • Hot-glue yarn and plastic spiders to glass votives, then drop a candle in there for a spooky glow.
  • Combine white glue and red food coloring, stick your hands in there, then press onto sheets of wax paper and let dry. Voila: Bloody window clings!

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