Happy One Year Anniversary, Jenn Hays

I did it! I made it an entire year with this crazy crew and I wouldn’t change a single thing except maybe the temperature in the studio.

Normally on Tuesday’s ‘Jake Says Things’ but in honor of my anniversary I will be saying some things – cue the dramatic music –

1. I’ve had to listen to Tony’s dating saga everyday for the last year – no joke – and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

2. I have been spending the last year trying to completely figure Jake out and between his love for the Patriots and Tom Brady, his Croc loving self AND following the rules down to not crossing the street at 5:30AM while it’s icy and snowy and no ones around (this happened) BUT I still can’t. So, I’m excited to spend the next year still attempting to 🙂

3. People who meet us constantly are saying to me ‘thanks for herding the cats every morning.’ I’d like to say thank you but in real life Jake is herding Tony and myself. And I thank you for that, Jake!

4. To be serious – I got in this business 9 years ago and I never dreamed that I would get to be doing what I’m doing now. It was always my dream but this business is tough. I used to watch and CMA’s and ACM’s and dream of winning one one day and this year I got my first CMA nomination and I just feel like I don’t deserve this everyday.

5. Thank y’all for welcoming me in and for you listening – thank you for welcoming me in. It has been a year and there has been zero negative comments made to me or about (that I know about lol). I know I’m not everyone’s cup of tea but thank you for humoring me every morning and I can’t wait to do this till they tell me to leave lol



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