I’ve used the Disabilities stall

I will admit I have used these bathrooms when there are other bathrooms available. *cowers down as I expect boos and people tossing trash at me.  As a mother I didn’t like to leave my kid outside the bathroom while I went in. I felt safer bringing him in, plus he hated public bathrooms so the room in the disabilities stall was accommodating.


My friend admitted to using them as well

Recently a friend of mine admitted on Facebook that she rushed into a public bathroom where the only available stall was a disabilities stall, so she used it. Upon exit she was confronted and berated by a disabled person who was waiting for the stall. She didn’t know how to respond but went on the defense, offering up her side of the story which was there was no stalls available. The disabled person didn’t give a crap, and continued to yell and berate her. She did the right thing, she just apologized and left.


More people than I realized, have used these stalls

I was surprised at the overwhelming support for her on Facebook. I was expecting the response of “how dare you,”  “boo this woman!” and lots of disapproving, head shaking gifs. What I found was an overwhelming response of support with messages like “I always use the disabilities bathroom,” “I like the space, let people get angry, I don’t care” and “I always use them with my kids.” As I mentioned earlier, I’ve used the disabilities bathroom to be able to take my kid in, plus many times there are changing stations in these stalls so I felt justified in using them. I have also been in her situation though, with no kid and used it. I rushed my business as I was sure it would be my luck that a disabled person that needed it, would be waiting outside. I emerged from the stall slightly trying to hide my face as shame and guilt reared their ugly heads. Here’s the deal, I know I’m not supposed to use it, but I also don’t want to pee on myself. I’m not proud of myself when I do it nor am I proud of my body’s inability to “hold it” either.


How do you feel about people using the disabilities bathroom when they’re not disabled.
Are you bold enough to admit you’ve used them?

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