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Have You Been A Part Of An Interstate Gang?

No… Not that kind of gang.

I’m talking the gang you form with other drivers on the highway to help bring justice to a super sucky driver. Yah… You know who I’m talking about. THAT driver.

This morning on I-5 I was a part of an Interstate gang that was doing an incredibly successful job at keeping an insane driver at bay. Were we pissing him off? Probably. But he was honestly being so crazy town and just down right a-hole status so we all decided together, about 10 cars, that his guy wasn’t going to get to cut people off, drive recklessly and just be a crap driver.

It felt pretty good… Not gunna lie.

Have you done that? Tried to be a traffic vigilante? Obviously you don’t want someone to get hurt but you want to teach them a lesson! A lesson in patience!

Of course that didn’t work and a trucker broke up the gang. But it was SO good while it lasted lol



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