Here are 10 things to help put ya in a good mood

How are you feeling today? Some days are better than others, and some days you just feel like you can never get ahead and always seem upset  because someone treated you rude, yelled at ya, or just made you feel like a piece of _ _ _ _,  Well let me help, First of all, you’re not alone, there are days I struggle and these little easy things seem to help change my mood and the whole day and they may help you as well

A new study looked at the top things people do when they’re in a bad mood and want to feel better.  Here are the 10 short-term mood boosters people said work best . . .

1.  Eating something.  But not always something healthy.  Sweets are the #1 choice.

2.  Taking a hot bath.

3.  Distracting yourself with a TV show or a book.

4.  Cooking something or baking.

5.  Deep breathing or meditation.

6.  Cleaning your place.

7.  Exercising.

8.  Just going outside and getting some fresh air.

9.  Talking it out with a friend.

10.  Hanging out with your pet.  A stiff drink just missed the top 10 at #11. which is always one of my favorites


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