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Here are the 5 places to visit in Long Beach, WA if you’ve never been

I’ve lived in Oregon for basically my whole life. I moved here when I was 4 and then moved away for a while after college but came back three years ago… soooo yah, my whole life! Yet, somehow, after all these years of going to the coast, I have never made my way up to Long Beach, WA. Until last weekend.


You’ve got to go. The entire peninsula is worth a long weekend to go explore. My husband and I did it with an almost 3-year-old and our 4-month-old so whether you’ve got young kids, older children or just want to get away with friends or your sweetheart – it’s perfect!

We will have to go back because we didn’t get to hit everything that Long Beach and area has to offer but from my first experience here is the must-d0’s:


It’s the first settlement on the peninsula so all the homes when you drive through the historic town are original and so stinkin’ cute!

Leadbetter Point State Park

We spent most of our Saturday here. We attempted to do the ‘Bay Loop Trail’ which takes you right down on the beach of the bay but the tide was out creating a lot of cool pools of water and my son Bridger just wanted to hang there and so… we did lol

Long Beach

We actually stayed right on the beach in Long Beach and the beach is just beautiful and LONG! Are you actually able to drive down onto the sand and up and down the coast line so we did! There is also miles of paved walkway along the beach which makes for a great pre-dinner workout!

Dylan’s Cottage Bakery and Deli

The bakery, y’all. It is apparently famous and after-the-fact was told I needed to have had the ‘Devil Dog.’ I didn’t know this so just ended up spending $60 on pastries and donuts. I’m not mad about it, though. This place is 100% worth all the hype but get there early or you’re going to be waiting in a line down the street!

Lewis and Clark National Historical Park (Head Light House)

If you’re a hiker or just like seeing beautiful views, this one’s for you! There are a few different trails but there is one super easy walkway down to the Head Light House and wow… the view. You can see the opening to the Columbia River and where it meets the Pacific Ocean. It’s just gorgeous.

Long story short… Take a long weekend and do the things. I promise you’ll be wanting to go back for more!



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