Every summer we go camping and we always count the shooting stars with our kids and they love it. We have done this with them since they were babies and to this day, every time they see one, the reminisce about laying in the grass and making a wish.

The Leonid meteor shower occurs every year from November 6th through the 30th.

You’ll have a chance to see the Leonid meteor shower this month when the Earth makes the comet Tempel-Tuttle’s shedding dust. The best time to see some shooting stars will be Leonid’s peak between the evening of November 16th through the morning of the 17th.

There won’t be much light reflecting off the moon that night, but if you really want to increase your chances to see any of the 15 meteors that will rain over every hour, head to a place with the lowest light pollution possible.
so pack up the kids and the RV, The Truck whatever and head to Eastern Or Or Eastern Wa to make a wish
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