It’s that time again, time to take action and take care of your pets while we celebrate America’s Birthday. Yes the neighborhood is full of Music, laughter, Big Pops and Booms but its also extremely scary for our fur babies.

Household pets, Mostly dogs tend to hate fireworks. So here are a few helpful  tips we have learned over the years to keep your baby safe on the Fourth of July?

Here are some great tips:

1. Make sure your pet has current identification. Loud noises such as thunderstorms and fireworks might cause your dog to break out through a screen window, hop a fence or otherwise run away. Make sure your pet is licensed and wearing identification. If your pet is micro chipped, make sure your information such as address and phone number are current with the microchip company or humane society.

2. Exercise your pet a few hours  before its get dark, put some time aside earlier in the day and take them to the park and run them like crazy, be sure to bring a Frisbee, or a ball and plenty of water so they can keep going, we have found that a good hour long walk and playtime helps reduce Maui’s anxiety.

3. Create a safe place for them, maybe a bedroom with some of your clothing on the ground like a sweatshirt or sweats so they get the scent of you being around to help calm them. If you happen to have a smart speaker ask Google Or Alexa to Play 98.7 The Bull so they can listen to the best Country Music in Portland (Sorry Shameless Plug  HAHA)

4. If they are use to laying on the living room floor  turn on the TV and let them watch animal Planet for them  or a movie and your think What YES Our dog Maui loves to watch it and, Yes He’s Spoiled Rotten.

5. Enjoy the 4th and keep your furbabies Safe

~ Danny


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