It’s pretty much a universal fact that nobody wants the middle seat on airplanes right, But here are some ways to make it more bearable, according to Lifehacker:

  1. Use the bathroom before you sit down. It’s not easy to climb out of a row in mid-flight when your seatmate has fallen asleep.
  2. Try to choose a middle seat in the center aisle. This way you have two directions to exit your row, making an unplanned trip to the bathroom easier to navigate.
  3. Book an exit row or a bulkhead seat. Exit rows, premium economy seating and bulkhead rows all offer a little more leg room.
  4. Bring two bags. Place one in the overhead compartment and a smaller one at your feet so that you don’t have to dig through your bag to find the items you need for a flight before sitting down.
  5. Recline your seat and take up both armrests. You deserve it. Don’t ask, just do it.


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