Here’s The Christmas Budget Of A Real Family Of Six

Tony, Jake and I have been debating about how much you should spend during Christmas.

Tony has grown kids so the shopping list for them is a lot pricier than what I’ll be buying for Bridger and Jake has younger kids who are super into cool toys and gadgets. But I’m not just talking Christmas presents… I mean the whole season together – decorations, the tree, dinner, gifts, misc. How much do you plan on spending this year? I found the Christmas budget of an actual family of six here on the West Coast and I feel like the money they are spending seems like a lot but maybe not?? You be the judge.

Family: A Mom And Dad In Their 30s

Location: West Coast

Annual income: About $65,000

Number of children: Four (11, 9-year-old twins, 1)

Decorations: $200

Husband: $150

Myself: $150

Oldest Daughter, Age 12: $200

Twin Daughters, Age 9: $200 Each

Toddler Son, Almost Age 2: $150

Misc: $250

Total Christmas Budget: $1,400





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