Do YOU homeschool your kids, have you thought about it, or maybe just giving them some time off every now during the school year to recoup and regroup? Ok Well If parents take “mental health days” off from work, shouldn’t their kids be allowed to do the same? As Lifehacker notes, author Alexandra Rosas recently revealed on Facebook that she let her kid take up to 10 days off from school each year to go to movies, museums or water parks, and to enjoy a random three-day weekend here and there.

Yes she took some flack from other parents for letting her kids skip school, but here’s the thing! her kids got straight A’s.  As Lifehacker notes, by letting your offspring take the occasional day off, “You’re showing your kids that they are more than their grades. If you have high-achieving students who are prone to anxiety, you’re signaling that it’s okay to rest, and that their health matters more than their academic accolades.”



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