Hot Tub Foods: Bubble Tea

The issue has divided America for centuries…  what can you eat in the Hot Tub?!?  This blog aims to quell those debates.

This week was a bit of tough one.  I had already eaten dinner, but I greatly desired to spend some time in my American Whirlpool spa from Classic Pool, Spa, & Hearth to ease my bodily woes.  I did want to eat though (I always want to eat), so I decided to go with a treat that had a little something to chew on, but is also just a drink.

Sharetea is a new place in Cedar Hills, and I figured they probably served a nice Bubble Tea.  I was right; it was a damn fine Bubble Tea.  And Bubble Tea is usually served in a sealed container, which kind of made it perfect hot tub treat.  It can’t spill!

However… and this is kind of an obvious drawback…  it’s not food.  The little tapioca balls are delicious, but they don’t really fill you up, y’know?  A damn fine treat, but I can’t give it the coveted top award.

Hot Tub Food Rating:  Bubble Tea – 4/5 Rubber Duckies

Thank you so much to Classic, Pool, Spa, & Hearth for sponsoring this series!

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull



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