Hot Tub Foods: Nachos

The rules about what you can bring in a hot tub to eat is way too tight.  People will judge you for the slightest infraction.  I intend to break those wide open.

Sadly, though, you’re not always gonna test a winner.

Last night, I went with nachos.  To be fair, I could have went and picked up the nachos a little later…  as they were mostly soggy when I finally got to eat them (unless it was the steam of the tub?).  I suspect, however, that even if the nachos were fresh, it would not have been successful.  On almost the first bite, a black bean tumbled into the tub, and sadly, because I didn’t want to wet my hands, I couldn’t go after it.  It just got sacrificed to Jacuz, the deity of hot tubs.

It was also a bit dark out to successfully navigate the intricacies of a delightful nacho bite.  You want a nice mix, and because all I had was the pulsing LEDs of my American Whirlpool spa from Classic Pool, Spa, & Hearth, it was too dark.

Overall, it was a negative.  Can’t get on board for Hot Tub Nachos.

Hot Tub Food Rating:  Nachos – 2/5 Rubber Duckies

Thank you so much to Classic, Pool, Spa, & Hearth for sponsoring this series!

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull



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