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How Are You Serving People This Holiday Season?

Let’s all be honest.

No matter how down and out we seem to be… This could be relational, financially, health, etc, we are still pretty blessed. I know that my family has been blessed and I don’t want to hog that to myself. The best way to use your blessings (time, skills, finances, etc) is to serve other people. Serving other people takes the focus off of ourselves and puts it on the people who truly need a helping hand.

Don’t just rely on someone else. Don’t just rely on the church. Don’t just rely on the government. Get yourself and your family together and go out into your town or city and start working to improve the down and out that we always feel ‘sorry for.’

Trust me… I am more than guilty of doing my own thing. Taking time for ‘self care’ and all the other things we do for (and to benefit) ourselves. But as the holidays start ramping up I am reminded that this season I love so much can be hard for folks.

There are so many ways to serve people. SOOO many!!! I would challenge you to find one thing to do this holiday season that would make an impact and get your friends and family involved. It will make your season brighter and brighter for whoever you’re helping!



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