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How I found out that Luke Bryan likes the ‘duck face’ for selfies

First of all… Look at my DARK hair! I sometimes wonder if I should be done with the blonde and just go back to the dark side…

Hmm – well, that’s a conversation for another day!

Luke Bryan and ‘duck face’ is why you clicked. So here it is:

I have no idea. I should have asked but I for real was such an awkward person in my early radio days. But here’s the story… When I was working at a radio station up in Seattle I was sent to go help interview Luke on his tour bus. Yah. His FREAKING TOUR BUS. I don’t know about you but when you get invited to a tour bus it feels like you’ve won the lottery. You’re getting to go into this artists home, essentially. Besides their actual residence, when these guys (and gals) are on tour they LIVE in their buses so it feels pretty intimate to get invited into their space where they are doing their life.

SO. I get into the tour bus, do a successful interview and the record rep says “here give me your phone and I’ll get some pics” and so naturally I just smile. Well, my face was so close to his face (no idea why lol) that I could some how tell he wasn’t smiling so I turn and look and he’s full on ‘duck facing’ so I stopped and said “wait… are you doing duck face?” and he’s like “well, yah!”

FOR REALS – like as if I should know this and be doing it, too. SO, I regrouped and he for reals took my phone from the rep and help out his arm selfie style and THIS is what we got:

So, yah. There’s the how. Like I said though… As for the ‘why’? I’ve got no clue to this day. Figure I should ask when he’s here but maybe he’s grown out of it. Or from what I can tell, Luke is just a huge jokester and that’s just how he is. Maybe he got this vibe that I ‘duck face’ in pics and he was being cool about it. WHO KNOWS!

Have I mentioned I can be awkward?

Anyhow… There you have it. Another awkward Jenn with an artist story. Still not sure why they keep me around HAHA!

Can’t wait to see you at the Luke show in October!




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