How You Can Help Out Hurricane Victims By Just Sitting There

It’s actually pretty simple.

Give blood.

You may be thinking…  my blood doesn’t actually make it over there does it?  No, it probably doesn’t.  But what it does do is replace the depleted blood banks in the NW that get tapped to help out in advance.  Blood can travel across the country; it’s expensive to do it, but when there’s federal money behind it, it does happen.  So resources start flowing that way, and that leaves us unprepared to react to…  say…  a major catastrophe on the West Coast.  Maybe a rogue tornado hits.  Or a train crashes.  Or a pathogen or something.

When we’re ready for it, we’re usually good, but right now, we’re ready for Florence, which is going to tax our supply.

So give blood at Bloodworks NW.  All you gotta do is sit there.  You can click here to see how to do it.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull



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