I Forgot How Much I Like Coaching

Despite the rain, we finally got a game in…  and I had a BLAST.

Coaching is hard work.  If you have ever had a volunteer coach teach your kids how to play a sport, I hope you taught your children to give them the proper respect, and I hope you had it as well, because a lot of those folks put in a lot of hours to get that done.

But…  what doesn’t always shine through?  Coaching your little kids is fun.  There’s a lot of joy that comes with watching a team that you’re in charge of come together and celebrate a physical achievement.  It happens in little moments…  a kid catches fly ball, they make a play at first, a diving tag is made.  It also happens in bigger moments…  your team wins the game or the tournament.  But it happens all season long, and it’s really rewarding.

I want to take a moment to highlight the levels of volunteerism in this league as well.  My kids play in the Beaverton Aloha Little League, and it is put on by some TRULY outstanding people.  Many of the directors of our league are ALSO coaching their own teams (or multiple teams), and the strain on them is colossal.

My point is…  I like being part of a community.  It’s one of the joys of life.

~Jake from 98.7 The Bull



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