I Hope You Never Have To Use St Jude

Every parents fear – your child getting sick.

My sweet little son, Bridger Bo, is almost seven months old. He’s happy, healthy and just the love of my life. One thing that never crosses my mind is him getting cancer. I just assume that because he is perfectly healthy right now that he will always be that way but the reality is is that any kid can get ill at any time. Cancer doesn’t discriminate and it doesn’t pick favorites… All ages, all genders and all races.

I hope that you never have to use St Jude. I hope that you don’t ever have to feel the pain or the despair from having a child have to go through something so extremely and scary. I hope your babies live long and fulfilled lives BUT if you get in the situation where you have to use St Jude – know that you have the BEST care, the BEST doctors, the BEST treatments, the BEST nurses, the BEST facilities… the BEST of everything. You never pay for A SINGLE THING.

You only need to worry about helping your child live. So, I hope that you never have to use St Jude but if you do – you’re in the BEST hands.

Would you partner with me today and help give hope to families facing this reality?

You can CALL 1-800-963-4673
You can TEXT ‘BULL’ to 785833




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