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If you lost power yesterday afternoon in NE, it’s because a beaver was mad at you.  Pacific Power reports yesterday that a tree fell into transmission lines yesterday in the Concordia neighborhood, and that tree was felled by the state’s official animal.  Opponents of the beaver are trying to say it was a partisan attack on election results; the beaver’s office did not immediately comment.

Christine Sinclair of the Portland Thorns is getting her own Barbie doll in recognition of her contribution to women’s sports.  Sinclair is, of course, the #1 goal-scorer in history, in the world, male or female, and the Barbie is official-issue; one of 9 athletes to get her own custom doll, and I’m betting this one probably doesn’t end up in a garage sale.

And finally, it was a tough election for a lot of school districts; a lot of bonds to fix stuff got knocked down, but thankfully, not in Gervais.  8 straight bonds in Gervais were voted down over the years, and the entire district was gonna have to close if this one failed, but luckily for the students, voters decided to throw them a bone and let the kids have, y’know, a middle school.

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