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An important part of I-84 is gonna shut down this weekend.  Tonight at 10:00, TriMet is improving the Red Line, which will shut down I-84 at the 205 interchange until Monday morning, so ALL weekend.  There are detours, but they’re gonna suck, just don’t go near there.

Don’t go there, but do head north to Ridgefield, because Dozer Days is happening this weekend, where they let kids play with heavy equipment.  It’s a psycho idea, but it’s really fun.  It’s the Clark Co. Event Center, starts tomorrow, goes through Sunday…  when you gonna get that chance again?

And finally, the biggest complaint about Pickleball is that too many people wanna play, so you gotta battle for court time.  A new service, described as AirBnb for Pickleball, lets you rent rich people’s private pickleball courts.  It’s called Swimply, because it was originally for renting their swimming pools, but now it does this as well.  Thanks, rich people!

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