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The movie, Coraline, was filmed here in the Portland area at Laika Studios, and you’re gonna recognize Cat from the movie around town, as about 30 Cat sculptures will be placed later this year.  They’ll each be painted by local artists, placed for a while, and then auctioned off to benefit Doernbecher.  Gotta love ya, Portland.  You’re trying.

Speaking of downtown, it’s gonna be beautiful today, but remember, this was the week last year when we got smacked with 10” of snow, and it’s looking possible again next week.  Temps are gonna go way down in a few days, the mountain is gonna get dumped on, and if we’re lucky/unlucky (however you feel about it), it could hit the valley.

And finally the employees of Columbia Sportswear were pretty stoked yesterday as some of their tech actually landed on the moon.  Their omni-heat material, which they use in coats, is so good, it insulated this spacecraft, which was also special because…  it’s the first time America has been to the moon in most of our lifetimes…  and next we put a Starbucks on it.

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