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Oregonians are getting smarter.  Probably.  Graduation rates are up!  They’re the same as last year, but that was a record.  More kids are graduating from high school in our state than ever before.  They dress weird and they have bad hair, but they’re graduating; it’s great.

The art of ramen is making Tigard look really good right now, as a ramen joint in Tigard made the list of Yelp’s Top 100 US Restaurants.  Lucky Cat Ramen, which is by the Bi-Mart on 99W, #62 on the nationwide list.  There’s a place in The Dalles on the list too…  Oregon, I’m telling you.  We’re lucky to live here.  

And finally, our ramen is good, but our waterways are a bit dirty, but we are trying.  The Columbia Slough is a waterway that connects the Willamette to the Columbia, it’s the one that I-5 crosses over, by the auction yard.  Super filthy, but DEQ just won $20M in a lawsuit to help clean it up a bit.  Just put a couple Brita filters in there, we’ll be drinking it soon.

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