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Grand Floral Parade tomorrow, the cherished highlight of the Rose Festival.  Flowers are a big part of this parade, floats are usually decked out with them.  Marching bands, drill teams, animals, flag twirling, non-creepy clowns, the Rosarians, the Rose Festival Court, for 116 years it’s walked these streets.  Get there early; pre-show starts at 8:00.

Big love to Portland Fire & Rescue for rescuing a man who fell off a cliff in SW Portland last night.  Took 14 firefighters to get him, and my first thought is “glad he’s OK,” but my second thought was…  how awesome is it that we live in a place where this can happen in town.  This was by OHSU.  Million dollar property, probably.   Dude probably had an awesome view of Mt. Hood while falling.

While it is awesome, it’s also fragile; Oregon Live just posted an interactive map where you can see what goes underwater as the sea level rises.  If it goes up 2 feet, which it will, there goes a bunch of Sauvie Island.  On the coast, Tillamook, 1 feet, there’s 2 feet.  Oh that’s your farm, sorry.  Lincoln City; oh, the outlet mall is gone.  There goes Moe’s. This is reality.

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