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A new invasive species is threatening the Oregon Coast…  hybrid super-grass.  In order to help make the dunes along the coast, we, humans, planted European beachgrass, which grows tall and makes tall dunes.  American beachgrass invaded on its own which grows fat and spreads dunes out, and those two made babies, which is taking over and making the whole beach smaller.  Classic.

Congratulations to Kyle Manzardo from the Portland Pickles baseball team for being called up to the Cleveland Guardians, which also means congratulations to the Portland Pickles for having their first player go to the MLB.  And now that we’ve done that…  no more fun at the Pickles games.  We’re producers now, and we better act like it.

And finally, they may have figured out a solution to how to stop the bottlenecks and the slow routes of the MAX trains through downtown, and the solution is…  go under it!  They are discussing plans to convert the MAX to a subway, thus speeding up the train and making it longer, but voters are gonna have to make it happen, so…  just forget I even brought it up.

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