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Couple new dogs on the job in our town, let’s start with Burton here.  Burton is a Multnomah Co. Sheriff, and he is the agency’s first comfort dog.  Burton shows up after traumatic situations and helps calm things down, like if a school goes on lockdown.  Burton is also available to help fellow cops who have a close call in their day.  Protect Burton at all costs.

The other dog today is Gregor.  Gregor is a Clackamas Co. Sheriff, and works at the Clackamas Co. Jail.  Gregor is a drug-sniffing dog, and he’ll be attempting to detect fentanyl being smuggled around the inmates.  Awesome, I’m for this, but, Gregor is going to be massively unpopular at his workplace, so we must double protect him at all costs.

And finally, just animals today, we got Black Bears around Lacamas Lake.  The area the bear was spotted was connected to greenways, so it’s not like the cougar sightings we’ve been seeing where they’re just traipsing through the neighborhoods.  Not terribly uncommon around Lacamas Lake, just remember to get big when you see one.

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